No aircraft is so tolerant of neglect that it is safe in the absence of an effective inspection and maintenance programme. The processes that affect an aircraft are deterioration with age (e.g. fatigue, wear and corrosion) as well as chance failures (e.g. tyre burst, excess structural loads). Aircraft maintenance can be defined in a number of ways and this is why we entrust aviation professionals like RUAG, Jet Aviation and many more.


Modern air forces need their systems to provide outstanding availability and performance – it is the only way to ensure missions are completed successfully. In its role as a technology partner, RUAG maintains and repairs planes and helicopters, while also guaranteeing comprehensive support throughout the entire life cycle.

Jet Aviation

They are here to keep your aircraft where it belongs — in the air. Their dedicated maintenance technicians are experts in Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing. Scheduled checks, from line to base maintenance. AOG call-outs and After Market services.